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Review: The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is EverywhereThe Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seventeen year old Lennie Walker is trying to find herself amid a life of turmoil. She is dealing with the grief of her sister’s sudden death. She is also trying to deal with a left-of-centre family and working out how friendship and love can continue in a world that has fallen apart.

Lennie and her sister Bailey are very close and when Bailey dies, Lennie naturally finds it difficult to be left in a life without her. She is seriously messed up and the one person who understands what this feels like is Bailey’s boyfriend, Toby. In their mutual grief, Lennie and Toby’s feelings become mixed up and they start to cross a line that might be inappropriate. At the same time, the new boy in town and talented musician, Joe Fontaine, is just about perfect and Lennie is really falling for him but she is about to make a total mess of everything.

This book of beautifully written and the emotions and characters are brought to life through both the story and the small notes and poems that Lennie scribbles everywhere. There is also a strong motif of music that adds to the lyricism of the writing throughout the story.

If you have a sister you can’t live without, if you have lived with a weirdo family, if you’ve ever made a mess of relationships or struggled to express yourself clearly then you will be able to identify with Lennie Wlaker. This is a well-written ‘issues’ novel and highly recommended for YA readers.

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