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Review: Firecracker by David Iserson

FirecrackerFirecracker by David Iserson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book promised to be funny and it certainly delivered. A funny book that makes you laugh-out-loud is rare so finding one has been a great surprise. The main character in this novel is Astrid Kreiger, and if you love a girl who breaks the rules, then this is the book for you. Astrid does what she wants and doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her.

We first meet Astrid when she is returning home after being expelled from her exclusive boarding school. Astrid has no morals whatsoever and she is not sorry for her misconduct just sorry that she got caught. To teach her a lesson, her family decide to send her to the local public high school. Astrid spends here time in this urine smelling hell, planning her revenge on those who double crossed her in her old school. She also makes two friends, Noah and Lucy and involves them in her schemes.

The members of Astrid’s family are quirky and also add to the humour of the novel. Of particular note is her Grandfather who is a criminal and Astrid’s role model and guru.

This is not a deep, soul searching read. Rather, it is full of mischief, wisecracks; revenge plots and is a fun page-turner that is perfect for the holidays.

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