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Sacred Cows Teacher Librarians Can Kill


A fantastic presentation at Edutech 2015 by Anne Weaver contained many ideas about how to re-envision a library program. One worthwhile activity Anne advocated is for Teacher Librarians to track their time over two weeks. This will make it evident how time is being spent and what tasks need to be culled in order to meet goals and priorities. Some of the sacred cows she challenged people to think about killing include:

Solving printing problems


Repeat lessons – can these be reduced through screencasts and pathfinders?

Reading – can promotions be presented in ways other than “book talks”? Empower students to find good books themselves.

Displays – can they be done by students? Can they be left up for longer?

Activities – think about cost/benefit of activities.

Pathfinders – teach students to research – don’t do the research for them.

Borrowing, lending and overdues – these can be done by library support staff or even students.

Shelving – Covering – Booking – Meeting minutes – what ever is standing in your way? Think about if you can get rid of it

The bottom line is Teacher Librarians must meet the needs of their own school and a PLN is essential – find out what other people are doing and steal their ideas.

Technology is not one of the sacred cows – it’s not an option to leave students in a pre-digital Dark Age.

An engaging and challenging presentation – Anne is a true visionary! Check out her blog – ReadingPower.

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Cows. [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.



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