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Book review: Loyal Creatures

Loyal CreaturesLoyal Creatures by Morris Gleitzman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loyal Creatures is set in World War One and although it is about a real war and inspired by real events, author Morris Gleitzman tells us that “it isn’t a history book”. Rather it is a book written to inspire our imaginations about what it may have been like to volunteer in the war as so many Australian men and women did.

Throughout the pages of this story, we follow 16-year-old, Frank Ballantyne and his horse Daisy. As the war erupts in Europe and many Australians join up, Frank is keen to enlist and join the adventure. Despite his father’s objections, Frank volunteers Daisy and himself to join the men and horses of the Australian Light Horse.

We follow Frank and Daisy as they fight in the Middle East. During the devastating events that they have to survive, Frank and Daisy’s bond of mateship and loyalty is ever strengthened. This story gives the reader much insight into the fear and heartbreak experienced by those who fought. The reader most keenly feels this when the book reaches its devastating ending.

Loyal Creatures was born of a script written by Morris Gleitzman for a workshop linked to the stage production of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse. Just like it’s predecessor, Loyal Creature is a powerful story that will leave its mark on anyone who reads it.

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