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Book Review: Are you seeing me?

Are You Seeing Me?Are You Seeing Me? by Darren Groth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Justine and Perry are 20-year old twins. Perry has a brain condition that may cause him to feel anxious in social situations and he has trouble mixing and communicating with people. Justine has been both sister and carer to Perry all his life and more so since their father’s death from cancer. The two have decided that the time has come for Perry to move into supported living at the Fair Go Community Village. Before this separation, they are going on an adventure. This trip is about many things: creating the perfect memory; visiting mythical sea monsters; viewing earthquake-proof structures; finding independence and a reunion with a mother who abandoned them as toddlers. However, the fault-lines in their lives are about to shift and the result will cause something seismic.

The characters in this book are superbly drawn and the reader feels their every move keenly. The book highlights the bond between twins and the reader comes to understand the special connection such siblings have. As the story moves towards the climax, you cannot help but feel the tremors of the quake that will come when the ground shifts.

This book can be read by any age but will be enjoyed more by older students who are closer in age to the characters in the story. I recommend it for anyone who loves reading character books or anyone who is close to a sibling.

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