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IntruderIntruder by Christine Bongers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How would it feel to wake up with an intruder in your room, standing above your bed? This is, in fact, a situation that author Christine Bongers and her family experienced one night. The rest of us can be glad that this frightening event has not caused long term harm and instead was the catalyst for this fantastic book.

Set in Brisbane, Intruder, is the story of Kat Jones who has lost her mother to cancer and her father to grief. Kat is home alone when she is woken by a prowler in her bedroom. Her scream alerts her neighbour, Edwina, who comes to her rescue. To say Kat hates Edwina is an understatement and she is resentful rather than grateful that Edwina has come to her assistance. Once, the closest friend of her mother, Kat believes Edwina betrayed her mother during her dying days.

Intruders are a recurring motif throughout the book and Kat has to deal with many types of intruders as the story unfolds. With some surprising twists, this is a well written, enjoyable book and the girls at Mt Alvernia will love reading it. Highly recommended.

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