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Starting my Masters: The 3 things I learned before the course even started

I officially begin my Masters in Education: Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation on the 3rd of March when the course actually opens.  Because I am a busy, time-poor working Mum, I am really keen to be organised to give myself the best chance of meeting this challenge.  Here are 3 things I have learned already – eleven days before the course even starts.

No 1.  Student Outreach is Fantastic

The Distance Education Student Outreach team at Charles Sturt University have made contact a number of times and in a variety of formats offering assistance in getting started in the Masters Program.  I took up their offer to attend a one-to-one session and it was invaluable.  They explained the important procedures I would need to know, how to use the online learning platform & gave advice on how to prioritise the workload in the course.

No 2. A calm working space and some dedicated time really is helpful

photo (5)

One piece of advice the Outreach team gave

was to set aside time and space for working on the course.  This seems obvious but in a busy house it is nearly impossible to get uninterrupted thinking time.  After looking at our schedule, I decided to use the time my daughter was at gymnastic classes.  These are three hour blocks and the gym is right next door to a public library.  WOW – it is the most beautiful place to work and think and even has free WiFi.


No 3. Check before you post

photo (1)

As a teacher who encourages students to participate online and in social media environments, “check before you post” is something I repeat almost on a daily basis.  I think it will be refreshing for my students to know that I need to listen to my own advice.  I posted the first tweet to my subject hashtag for the course and got the name of the entire course wrong!  I think this is hilarious but am not so sure it’s Masters material.

Wish me luck – I’m going to need it.




As the Curriculum Leader of the Mt Alvernia iCentre, my key areas of interest are: Teaching and Learning The information landscape Digital Literacy Digital citizenship Literature Reading

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