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Preparing to be immersed in knowledge networks and digital innovation

Well, I feel like it is official now.  I have enrolled in my first subject, paid the fees and attended a student outreach session so I guess I really am going to attempt a Masters degree.  The Master of Education: Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation at Charles Sturt University first caught my attention last year and when I discovered Judy O’Connell was running the course, I became interested in participating.

My first subject is Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age.  The student outreach meeting this afternoon was enormously helpful and following this session, I’ve read the Subject Profile, checked out the course and collaboration hub, liked the course Facebook page and had a look at the booklist for the first assignment.  Things have certainly changed in the world of study since the picture above was painted in 1952.  It is promising to be a great course and I’m looking forward to all the learning that is about to happen.  Fingers crossed I manage this addition to a very busy life!


Image Attribution:Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest,“Study, Study, Study!”, accessed 18 Feb 2014,



As the Curriculum Leader of the Mt Alvernia iCentre, my key areas of interest are: Teaching and Learning The information landscape Digital Literacy Digital citizenship Literature Reading

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