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The Social Librarians @ Work

Recently I blogged an infographic I love called “I AM A {SOCIAL} LIBRARIAN”. Reflecting on the tasks the Teacher-Librarians (there are two of us) in the iCentre have been involved in over the past two days, I am pleased to say that there has certainly been evidence of the social librarians at work.


We started the working day yesterday morning at 7:30 at a coffee shop meeting with our Cybrarian to discuss the services and activities we’d like to highlight on our website over the coming week. We also love talking about what we’ve noticed trending in Twitter and sharing any professional learning we’ve undertaken.

Once we got to school, we did the usual checking of emails, tweets and Facebook updates then jumped straight into some resource planning for 2015 when we will have a whole new year level of students joining us in Queensland Highschools. Then we did some “old fashioned” librarianship work by looking through the new resources ready for shelving.

Following this, we headed into our favorite bookstore for a network meeting. While we were listening to staff tell us about the latest books for YA to hit the shelves, we were able to tweet directly to students, staff and followers about the great new books we were buying. Once upon a time, our students wouldn’t get to know about these books till we’d bought them back, processed and covered them then put them on display or had a book talk with classes. No wonder we love Twitter!

Then it was back to school for a planning meeting where we worked in Google Docs to collaborate ideas for a presentation by our team to the College Leadership.

When we woke up this morning, there was an alert on the iPad that a member of the IT teaching staff had placed an article about producing “online content that works” in our College Diigo group for her Year 11 Business class. This was PERFECT – we were about to embark on a planning day with our Counsellor to help her launch a web presence for their department. We tweeted her the article & before we even arrived at school, we were all focused on the job ahead. In times passed, the material a teacher was using with her class stayed in the class, today it not only left the walls of the classroom but informed our professional thinking for the day.

First up was a Technology Committee meeting in which the focus was the College’s future move to BYOT and how best to support staff and families in this process.

The remainder of the day involved, collaborating with one of the College Counsellors & coaching her through the process of building an online presence, building a blog, curating sources and content, writing articles to promote the launch of iCouncel week and the new web services being offered by the Counselling Department & seeking copyright permission for the logos & images we wanted to use from other parties when we promoted them on our own website. We were able to update our Principal and other connected people on our progress using Twitter throughout the day.

When I checked back at the infographic of the social librarian, we’ve certainly ticked a few boxes!


Twitter Tweet Bird Funny Cute Blue Messaging, Open Clips, Public Domain
System Network News Personal Figures Connection, Gerald, Public Domain



As the Curriculum Leader of the Mt Alvernia iCentre, my key areas of interest are: Teaching and Learning The information landscape Digital Literacy Digital citizenship Literature Reading

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